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  • KINESCO Power & Utilities Pvt Ltd

    Government of Kerala vide G.O.(p) No. 18/2003/PD dated 8th May 2003 had granted a license to Kinfra Export Promotion Industrial Park (KEPIP) for supplying electricity to various establishments within the KINFRA Export Promotion Industrial Park (KEPIP) campus at Kakkanad, Kochi exercising the power conferred under section 19 of the Indian Electricity Rules 1956. The Hon. Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission issued orders for approving inclusion of new areas at Kinfra Park at Kakkanad, Kalamassery and Palakkad and the original licence given to KEPIP for distribution of electricity in these areas.

    The areas of the licensee operations are as indicated below:

    All those pieces or parcels of land acquired by M/s Kinfra in-
    1) Kinfra Export Promotion Industrial Park (KEPIP), Kakkanad, Kochi- 682530
    (280.126 Acres)
    2) Kinfra Hi-Tech Park, Kalamassery, Near Co-operative Medical College,
    HMT Colony P.O. Ernakulam (240 Acres)
    3) Kinfra Integrated Industrial & Textile Park, Kanjikode P.O. Palakkad (350 Acres)

    • Address

      Kinesco Power and Utilities Private Limited, Ground Floor, CFC Building, Kinfra Park Office Info Park P.O, Kakkanad

    Government of Kerala had accorded sanction for the formation of joint venture company between KINFRA and NTPC Electric Supply Company Limited (NESCL) vide order G.O. (MS) No. 88/2008/ID dated 27th June 2008 and entered into a 50:50 Joint Venture Agreement on 24th July 2008 and also applied for transfer of License for distribution of electricity from KEPIP to the newly formed joint venture company, KINESCO.
    The main objectives of the Joint Venture Company are:
    (1) Distribution of power as a licensee in the industrial parks, SEZ, and other industrial projects; and
    (2) Contribution to system improvement in terms of Quality and Reliability in the distribution sector and also bring in new technologies.
    Kinfra has taken over the 50% stake of NESCL and now KINESCO is a 100% subsidiary of Kinfra.
    The Bulk supply is from KSEBL through Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


    • Kakkanad

      KINESCO commenced operation for distribution of electricity at Kakkanad from 01.02.2010 the 110KV substation consists of 2 Nos. of 10/12.5 MVA power transformers and 1 No. of 16/20 MVA power transformers, which are dedicated for supplying power to Info park and KINFRA Park. The 11KV power distribution networks with Ring Main Units have been envisaged for Info Park and KEPIP campus. This system works with better reliability and less interruption time. The Source of power to 110kV KINESCO substation Kakkanad is through 110kV KINFRA I & KINFRA II feeders from KSEBL Brahmapuram 220kV substation. The total number of consumers as on June 2018 is 265 and most of the consumers are under HT and DHT Tariff.

    • Kalamassery

      KINESCO started licensee operations at Kalamassery with effect from 06.02.2011. The 11kV system, with suitable modifications/ additions is being used for electricity distribution licensee activities of KINESCO in KINFRA Park. The source of power in this area is from 11 kV dedicated feeder (UG cable) from 220 kV KSEBL substation Kalamassery. The total number of consumers in this area is 56.

    • Palakkad

      KINESCO has commenced its licensee operation at KIITP Kanjikode on August 2016. It consists of 22/11 kV substation with 2 nos of 3.15 MVA transformers and the total number of consumers are 8, including 7 HT consumers. The source of power in this area is from 22 kV dedicated feeder from 220 kV KSEBL substation Kanjikode.

    Location License area Area of operation Capacity Contract demand
    Kakkanad Info Park Ph-1 180.126 Acres 110kV Sub-station (45MVA having one 20MVA and two 12.5MVA transformers) 18000 KVA
    Kakkanad KEPIP Park 100 Acres
    Kalamassery KINFRA Hi-tech Park 240 Acres 11kV feeder 1000 KVA
    Kanjikode KINFRA Industrial Integrated Textile Park 350 Acres 11/22kV Sub-station (6.3MVA having two 3.15MVA transformers) 500 KVA


    • KINESCO has been following the prepaid metering system, which was implemented right from 2004-05
    • On implementing the new system, the real time consumption & balance in the account can be viewed both for KINESCO and the consumer. This would immensely increase the customer satisfaction level and which will again enable the consumer to monitor the consumption pattern & top-up the balance.
    • The system once implemented would be unique in the industry and which will ultimately benefit the stakeholders.

    T & D LOSSES

    • The electrical power distribution system in KINESCO licensee areas consists of underground cables and Ring Main Units, which marginally reduces the T&D loss, power interruptions and improves the efficiency of the system.
    • KINESCO has been trying to contain the T&D loss within the approved limit of 1.5 % of the consumption.
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