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Investor Zone

Interest rate slashed from 14.75% to 12.5% with effect from 1st Dec 2017

  • Application for allotment (Form A)to be submitted with project profile indicating raw material, process flow diagram, end product and DD of Rs.5000 and GST applicable (currently @ 18%)drawn in favour of KINFRA payable at Trivandrum.
  • Lease period is 30 years.
  • Proposal to be placed before District Industries Land Allotment Committee.
  • Once the proposal is cleared by the Land Allotment Committee, intimation letter (Form B) will be issued to the allottee and allottee shall remit 10% of the total amount of lease premium as Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) within 30 days.
  • On remitting EMD, allotment letter (Form D) will be issued and allottee shall remit 50% of lease premium within 15 days.
  • On remitting lease premium, License Agreement (Form E) to be executed between KINFRA and the allottee, the validity of the Agreement is for 24 months, during which the allottee has to submit the drawings, construct the building, installation of plant and machinery and the unit shall be ready for commercial production. Also note that the balance lease premium is to be remitted in 2 equal instalments with interest @ 12.5 % or such rate fixed by the Corporation from time to time, within 24 months.
  • Once the unit is ready for commercial production, Lease Deed (Form F) will be executed for 28 years. Please note that the deeds are exempted from Stamp duty and Registration.
  • In case of cancellation of the allotment, 10% EMD will be forfeited.


License Agreement Format – Form E


License Agreement for Mega Food Park


Form A for Mega Food Park


IGBC Guidelines for Green Campus Rating – Mega Food Park


Lease Deed – Form F


Land Disposal Regulations


Single Window Clearance Applications Formats

Application for Consent/ Authorisation/ Registration (Industries/ Establishments)


Application for permission to Construct, Extent or Take into use any building as a factory


Application for Power Requirement above 10 KVA


Application for MSME registration – Part 1


Application for MSME registration – Part 2


Tripartite Agreement with bank/Financial institutions for mortgaging land in KINFRA Parks.

Tripartie Agreement with bank (after lease deed)


Triparite Agreement with bank (after License Agreement)


* Please note that the validity of the lease premium is only up to 31/12/2019

Land Status – KINFRA Parks

Sl. No. Name of Park Location Land Available (Acres)

(In Acres)
Lease premium per acre (Rs. in lakhs)

Upto 31.12.2019
1 KINFRA Industrial Park Piravanthoor, Kollam 5.64 97.38
2 KINFRA Industrial Park Mundakal, Kollam 5.76 369.19
3 KINFRA Small Industries Park Adoor, Pathanamthitta 4.17 141.5
4 KINFRA Small Industries Park Kunnamthanam, Pathanamthitta 9.45 122.58
5 HI Tech Park Kalamassery, Kochi 2.88 271.06
6 Electronic Manufacturing Cluster Kakkanad, Kochi 49 229
7 KINFRA Defence Park Ottapalam, Palakkad 47.5 210
8 Mega Food Park Kozhipara, Palakkad 16.02 58.53
9 KINFRA Integrated Industrial Park Ottapalam, Palakkad 11.95 174.1
10 KINFRA Integrated Industrial and Textile Park Kanjikode, Palakkad 19.14 80.46
11 KINFRA Industrial Park Kuttipuram, Malappuram 1 124.21
12 KINFRA Techno Industrial Park Kakkanchery, Malappuram 17.47 177.76
13 KINFRA Small Industries Park Kalpetta, Wayanad 0.48 38.31
14 KINFRA Small Industries Park Seethangoli, Kasargod 2 14.39
15 KINFRA Textile Centre Nadukani, Kannur 38.77 24.65

Lease Period for 10 years . Infrastructure : Power, Water. Single Window Clearance for Statutory Clearances. Environment Friendly Industries

  • Standard Design Factory, Nellad,Ernakulam
    Area available :  8500 sq.ft
    Rate/sq.ft./month(From 01.08.2017 – 31.03.2018) : Rs 12.88
    Rate/sq.ft./month(From 01.04.2018 – 31.03.2020) : Rs 14.43
    Contact Person for site visit
    Mr. Dileep V. Paul
    Mob No.9447223915
  • KINFRA Park, Thalassery, Kannur
    Area available:  59500 sq.ft
    Rate/sq.ft./month(From 01.11.2017 – 30.09.2018) : Rs 13.98
    Rate/sq.ft./month(From 01.10.2018 – 30.09.2020) : Rs 15.66
    Contact Person for site visit
    Ms Roopa 
    Mob No.9207711876
  • KINFRA Mega Food Park, Palakkad
    Area available: 44,628 sq.ft
    Rate/sq.ft./month: Rs 15.20
    Contact Person for site visit
    Ms. Nisha P Madathil
    Mob No.9207711853
  • KIITP, Kanjikode
    Area available: 1,21,553 sq.ft
    Rate/sq.ft./month: Rs 11.60
    Contact Person for site visit
    Mr. Muralikrishnan V.
    Mob No.9207736004
  • KINFRA Park, Piravanthoor, Punalur
    Area available :  64398 sq.ft
    Rate/sq.ft./month : Rs. 13
    Contact Person for site visit
    Mr Anil Kumar
    Mob no.9447459265
  • KINFRA Textile Centre, Nadukani, Kannur
    Area available :  100000 sq.ft
    Rate/sq.ft./month(From 01.12.2016 – 31.09.2018) : Rs 5.13
    Rate/sq.ft./month(From 01.10.2018 – 31.09.2020) : Rs 5.90
    Contact Person for site visit
    Mr. P. Muralidharan
    Mob No.9447411148
  • KIIP, Ottapalam
    Area available : 50,000sq.ft
    Rate/sq.ft./month: Rs 15.09
    Contact Person for site visit
    Mr. Aneesh A.S
    Mob No.9446326166
  • KINFRA Small Industries Park, Koratty
    Area available : 48843.57 Sq.ft
    Rate/Sq/Month (Rental) : Rs 17.29
    Rate/Sq/Month (Outright) Rs. 3489.25 (additional Rs. 3.06 maintenance cost per Sq.ft/month)
    Contact Person for site visit
    Ms. Geesha A K
    Mob No.9207711852
    email: geesha@kinfra.org


  1. Lift for passengers / goods
  2. Shell Space
  3. Water & Power available
  4. Stamp Duty & Registration Fee exempted
  5. Statutory Clearance available in Parks

Terms & Conditions

  1. Lease for 10 years period
  2. 12 months Interest Free Deposit
  3. Monthly rent to be paid on or before 7th of every month
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